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What’s coming in Apache Kafka 0.8.2


I am very excited to tell you about the forthcoming 0.8.2 release of Apache Kafka. Kafka is a fault-tolerant, low-latency, high-throughput distributed messaging system used in data pipelines at several companies. Kafka became a top-level Apache project in 2012 and was originally created at LinkedIn, where it forms a critical part of LinkedIn’s infrastructure and transmits data to all systems and applications. The project is currently under active development from a diverse group of contributors.

Since there are many new features in 0.8.2, we released 0.8.2-beta. The final release will be done when 0.8.2 is stable.

Here is a quick overview of the notable work in this release.

New features

New producer

The JVM clients that Kafka ships haven’t changed much since Kafka was originally built. Over time, we have realized some of the limitations and problems that came both from the design of these clients and…

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