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Apache Mesos at Bloomberg

November 6, 2015 Leave a comment

In the video recording of the talk Mr. Gupta discusses BVault, a massive, scalable, archiving and e-discovery solution for communications that has been adopted by more than 800 enterprises, processing more than 220 million daily messages with an archive containing more than 90 billion communication objects. He describes how the service is optimized for fast deployment of data-centric and processing-intensive applications using elastic cloud computing strategies. Mr. Gupta further explains how his team uses Apache Mesos to abstract heterogeneous data center assets as a homogeneous set of resources, prefabricated hardware in secure and geographically distributed data centers to provide on-demand capacity management, and Continuous development and integration using containers as an emerging standard in cloud infrastructure.

Mr. Gupta encourages anyone who is interested in working on Mesos @ Bloomberg to view Bloomberg’s relevant job listings and contact him on Twitter @skandsg.

Tweet @elodinadotnet If you are interested in learning more about the Apache Mesos NYC Meetup. We are always looking for speakers and sponsors for upcoming events.

~ Joe Stein

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