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Episode 1 – Tips & Tricks To Your First Hadoop Cluster http://wp.me/pTu1i-o
Episode 2 – Hadoop, BigData and Cassandra with Jonathan Ellis http://wp.me/pTu1i-40
Episode 3 – Ruby Streaming with Wukong a talk with Flip Kromer http://wp.me/pTu1i-4i
Episode 4 – Hadoop and Pig with Alan Gates from Yahoo http://wp.me/pTu1i-4A
Episode 5 – Hadoop Development Tools with Shevek from Karmasphere http://wp.me/pTu1i-4N
Episode 6 – NoSQL HBase and Hadoop with Todd Lipcon from Cloudera  http://wp.me/pTu1i-5k
Episode 7 – Unified analytics and large scale machine learning with Milind Bhandarkar http://wp.me/pTu1i-7v
Episode 8 – Hortonworks HDP1, Apache Hadoop 2.0, YARN, HDFS Federation and more with Arun C. Murthy http://wp.me/pTu1i-80
Episode 9 – A talk about Hadoop, Mesos, Cascading, Scalding, Cascalog and Data Science with Paco Nathan  http://wp.me/pTu1i-9L
Episode 10 – Hadoop, The Cloudera Development Kit, Parquet, Apache BigTop and more with Tom White http://wp.me/pTu1i-9T
Episode 11 – Hadoop as a Service cloud platform with the Mortar Framework and Pig with K Young http://wp.me/pTu1i-a3
Episode 12 – Apache BigTop and how packaging infrastructure binds the Hadoop ecosystem together with Mark Grover and Roman Shaposhnick http://wp.me/pTu1i-ab
Episode 13 – Apache Zookeeper, Distributed Systems, Open Source and more with Camille Fournier http://wp.me/pTu1i-ai
Episode 14 – SQL Compatibility in Hadoop with Hive and more with Alan Gates http://wp.me/pTu1i-au
Episode 15 – Big Data, Open Source and Analytics with Stefan Groschupf http://wp.me/pTu1i-aR
Episode 16 – Real-Time Data Pipelines and Analytics with Apache Kafka and Apache Samza http://wp.me/pTu1i-b5
Episode 17 – Using Apache Drill for Large Scale, Interactive, Real-Time Analytic Queries http://wp.me/pTu1i-bl
Episode 18 – Impala and SQL on Hadoop http://wp.me/pTu1i-cT
Episode 19 – Big Data with Apache Accumulo preserving Security with Open Source http://wp.me/pTu1i-dk
Episode 20 – Beyond MapReduce and Apache Hadoop 2.Xhttp://wp.me/pTu1i-dw
Episode 21 – Higher Availability, Increased Scale and Enhanced Security on Apache HBase http://wp.me/pTu1i-dH
Episode 22 – Apache Solr real-time live index updates at scale with Apache Hadoop http://wp.me/pTu1i-e7
Episode 23 – Resource scheduling and task launching with Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora at Twitter http://wp.me/pTu1i-ec

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Any thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions you have for the podcast please comment here or connect up with Joe Stein on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/charmalloc and he will follow-up accordingly.

  1. James
    March 9, 2011 at 4:59 am

    Is the only way to download the podcast via iTunes? Is there no direct download of an MP3?

  2. August 8, 2014 at 10:29 am

    James, it works in BeyondPod. There also appears to be a feedburner link. I realize you posted over three years ago, but just in case anyone else hasn’t figured it out.

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